The Shield TV Series

The Shield (2004-2008)

A TV Series that is based on the life of 4 cops who got themselves involved in some dangerous stuff. Michael Chiklis plays the role of Vic Mackey, undoubtedly one of the best guys suited for the role. There is a main plot and little detective stuff here and there which will really keep you interested for the entire 7 seasons.

Detective Shane Vendrell played by Walton Goggins is yet another brilliant characterization. Dutch Wagenbach and Claudette Wyms duo is damn cool and a good example for matured detectives. And yes I did cry for Curtis Lemansky and Jon Kavanaugh.
Forest Whitaker performance is brilliant.

Benito Martinez as Aceveda, David Rees Snell as Ronnie, Catherine Dent as Danni, Michael Jace as Julien, Cathy Cahlin Ryan as Corrine, man I should say everybody has done a tremendous job in their roles and I think the full cast has to take the credit. A very good tv series that will keep you in pace with the streets.

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