The Score heist movie

The Score (2001)

Nick who is done doing heist jobs wants to retire but Max comes to him with one last job that can settle all of their lives forever. Jack a young accomplice seems to have it all worked out until he meets Nick who doesn’t like the slightest idea of involving him in the job. But sometimes you need partners in crime and this seems to be one of them.

The job as Max says,” it’s a tiny door. Open the door. Take the shit. Close the door. We’re out.” But will that all awaits them? Watch the masterminds work on The Score.

Well I have got nothing to say about when three damn good actors are in the movie, their performances are brilliant. How brilliant? If I am into the shoes of Nick I will punch into the faces of Brian and vice-versa 🙂

You also have a little surprise wrapped in the movie somewhere, so do watch out for that too.

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