The Imposter

The Imposter (2012)

When you say the word documentary people hesitate to view them but there are a lot of good documentaries that not only reveal the truth but also keep the viewer engaged and The Imposter is one such documentary.

You get to know easily what has happened when the documentary starts off but you would still watch it till the end because of the way it was taken and details that were provided. My first reaction was like, oh my Gosh! Did that really happen, like for real? Even though this is based on a true story it is not something new to me since I have already seen a similar movie and I hope most of you would have seen it too – a 2009 movie called Orphan which has a slightly different plot.

The Imposter will leave you pondering over just one thought – was Barclay really gone missing? Initially you may hold some grudge against Bourdin but in the later part of the documentary all that you will be left with is empathy and suspicion against…, well I leave that to you πŸ™‚

The tag line – there are two sides to every lie is very apt and at the same time it’s very difficult to jump into conclusions. Your mind will waver just as the documentary takes a turn somewhere in the second half. A must watch documentary which is equivalent to an intriguing movie.

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