Sinister Horror Movie

Sinister (2012)

A story writer (Ellison) who didn’t have any big hits quite recently moves into a new town with his family to write his new book. The home where they move in is where a tragic incident had happened earlier and that’s what Ellison is planning to write about. Ellison finds few tapes with a projector on his attic in a box called Home Movies.

When he starts playing those tapes weird stuff starts to happen. The tapes have the videos captured of some family members murdered which makes it even sick.

The movie is pretty decent horror flick to watch, there are some interesting scenes that will terrify you.

Since the movie shows the incidents on a tape it is pretty scary, you know that when you happen to see a video that has the murders of some people which are actually unsolved, it will definitely scare the s..t out of you.

There is a connection and twist attached to the movie, but like all other horror movies this too ends with a simple ending. Watch it alone with your lights turned off in silence, you might even feel it.

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