Side Effects 2013 Movie

Side Effects (2013)

When I was watching this movie for the first half an hour I thought I made a mistake but believe me after that the twists and turns in the movie is all you need to forget the initial boring part. Actually we can call the first 20 minutes as warm up period.

There is a subtle pandemonium throughout the movie which makes the whole movie very intriguing. All the characters have performed very well which is yet another reason for the perfect execution of the movie. And yes its very obvious that the characters are nothing without a good plot and that’s where I would say Steven Soderbergh has done an exemplary job.

The movie has a twist which also weaved nicely into the movie, before you realize the twist the events are unfolded very fast which is damn good.

A very good movie that has zero action but a captivating plot.

Look out for: Movies contains nudity and sexual scenes.

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