Old Boy (2003)

Can you be punished for something that you don’t even remember? Old Boy a.k.a Oldeuboi is the story of a man who is captured and shut in a room for 15 years and then released. He is confused and is mad because he doesn’t know why he was taken as a captive. Was he able to track down his enemy and find the cause for his agony, watch the movie to find it out.

The movie can be summarized in one line:

Whether it be a grain of sand or a rock in water; they both sink alike.

This movie is not for everybody, it has blood spilled all over, violence, torture, nudity and many more that can’t be digested by the feeble. The twist itself will turn you topsy turvy and is something that can’t be accepted by many. But despite all that I would say this is one among the best twisted movies that you would ever expect and shouldn’t miss. Oh Dae-su character played by Choi Min-sik and Yoo Ji-Tae Yoo Ji-Tae Character played by Lee Woo-jin are astounding performances. A Must Watch from my recommendation list.

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