Mother aka Madeo 2009 Korean Movie

Mother (2009)

A mother is the one and only person that a son/daughter could trust and this movie depicts just that. Mother a.k.a Madeo is a Korean movie which shows how far a mother would go to prove her son is not guilty.

Won Bin (son) is accused of murdering a young girl and is put behind bars and Kim Hye-ja(Mother) does all she could to prove that her son is not the one who should be behind the bars. The movie has humor, emotions and suspense. It was directed by Bong Joon-ho, the same director who had directed Memories of Murder and hence you could see some resemblance from that movie in this too. But I would recommend you to watch this movie for the twist that it has. The movie may seem a little slow but it is a very good movie that is a must watch from my end.

Note: The movie involves nudity and vulgar language hence not recommended for kids.

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