Identity 2003 Thriller

Identity (2003)

It all starts when the Lincoln driver who drives an actress to LA hits a lady on the road. The Lincoln driver helps the lady, and moves into a Motel with the actress he was travelling and the lady’s husband and child.

When all ways are blocked due to heavy rain the Lincoln driver has no option but to get back to the Motel with the help of a girl he meets on the way.

Somewhere in an another place a case is being re-heard. Slowly a police officer with a convict and a newly married couple all check-in into the same Motel. 10 different people were forced to stay in the Motel on that rainy night under various circumstances. Due to mysterious reasons they all start to die one by one, as the movie rolls you will find that everybody has a little secret and it is difficult to find their true identity. But they all have something in common and when they find it out, things get even worse.

Identity is a brilliant mind twister and thriller. We have some disturbing blood spilling scenes so watch out when you are watching the movie with kids.

The core concept isn’t something new to us but the way it has been presented is stupendous. Identity revealed.

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