Following Christopher Nolan movie

Following (1998)

Following is the story about a man called Bill who is a writer or an aspiring writer and has got nothing to do all day, so he gets bored and starts following people (shadowing) that he chooses in random order.

Things go well for the writer until he stops picking people randomly and starts following a specific guy. Everybody has a curiosity to know what is happening in other’s lives and this movie shows what happens when you are too curious.

The movie frames/scenes are swapped and may look confusing for some of you but the movie is worth the watch. The black and white low budget movie from Christopher Nolan is an amazing story that has a twist at the end. The movie has a simple but brilliant plot that will surprise you. The background music and dialogues delivered were perfect.

Again this is not a fast paced movie so you got to have some patience to watch but it is worth it.Keep your fingers crossed till the end, you will love it.

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