End of watch 2012 crime movie

End of Watch (2012)

This is a wonderful story about two cops Brian Taylor and Mike Zavala who are like brothers to each other. The movie starts in South Central with a car chase and lot of bullets.

Brian starts recording everything that they do on their job by pinning a tiny camera in each of their shirt pockets. They mess up with Mexican drug cartels and from there it’s just chaos.

The movie walks us through the life of a policeman through the tiny camera that they spoke about earlier. It shows us how tough the life of a police officer is and how they cope up with stuff.

There is love, fun, party, fight, jealousy, pranks and yes all these come with a lot of bullets and blood. Jake Gyllenhaal (Brian Taylor) and Michael Pena (Mike Zavala) run the show. Especially the conversations between these two is quite interesting, you should excuse the language of course.

The movie has lot of blood spilling scenes and disturbing images so watch out for it. The life of a police officer is well portrayed, a must watch movie.

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