Ajami (2009)

Ajami has five stories split into five chapters which show us the daily life in Ajami, neighborhood of Jaffa, Israel. All five stories are interlinked and affect the people involved in it.

The movie starts with the narration of Nasri brother of Omar, whose uncle shoots a Bedouin who came demanding protection money and puts the entire family at peril.

Next we are introduced to Malek which works without proper work permit for Abu-Lias in order to save his mother.

Then we are shown a violent encounter between an old man and his Arab neighbors which turns into a mishap which is dealt by the police where we are introduced to Dando.

The final chapter brings all these characters together. Everybody’s life is interlinked with each other either intentionally or accidentally.

The way in which the daily lives at Israel were pictured is too good. The movie is natural and has a lot of powerful emotions, love, and humor. The background music is so lively that it takes you directly to Israel.

The story also reveals the grim truth – “Someone who is innocent will always die”.

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