O Lobo Atrás Da Porta Brazilian Movie

A Wolf at the Door (2013)

A Wolf at the Door a.k.a O Lobo Atrás Da Porta shows you how extra marital affair can affect your family. One fine morning when Silvia goes to school to pick her daughter, the teacher says she has been already picked. Shocked Silvia goes to police and then one by one the events are brought to light. Bernardo, Silvia’s husband was involved in an illicit relationship with a girl named Rosa and she is suspected for her daughter’s kidnapping. But did Rosa really kidnap Bernardo’s daughter? Watch the movie to see the twists and turns of the movie.

A brilliant performance from Leandra Leal, who played the role of Rosa and hats off to the debut director Fernando Coimbra for such a heart throbbing script.

Note: the movie has intimate scenes including nudity and use of foul language.

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